FREE Beginner's Guide to Informational Interviews & Networking

85% of all jobs are filled through networking. That’s a lot.

That number itself should be enough of an incentive for you to start connecting with interesting, potentially helpful people right away but I get it, networking can still be intimidating. Trying to sound smart in front of highly accomplished professionals with years of experience is a daunting thought to many college students and young professionals. Yet, networking is absolutely crucial in an increasingly competitive and digitally connected world.

Don’t worry. I’ve been there. And I’m here to tell you: It is not as difficult as you think. 

That's why I came up with 5 tangible tips and things to consider when networking I wish someone had shared with me when I first started.

This approach has allowed me to connect with professionals working at companies like Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Pinterest, and more.

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From this guide you will learn:

How to benefit from introductions
Why taking advantage of your alma mater's alumni network is key
How to prepare for an informational interview
How to be less intimidated by more experienced professionals
How to maintain those relationships


About Me

Hi, I'm Thamina!

From 9-5 I'm an Account Director at LinkedIn where I help businesses - including Fortune 500 companies - achieve their marketing objectives on the LinkedIn platform. From 5-12, I'm running Femme Hive to empower young ambitious women to become more confident about successfully navigating adulthood.

After graduating cum laude and with distinction from Duke University in 2017, I had trouble establishing a new sense of identity that was not tied to being a student. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and lost (👉 learn more about 
my experience with post-graduation depression here).

Through lots of proactive self-education, self-reflection, self-care, and the support of so many fantastic peers and mentors, I have been able to overcome my depression and thrive in my career.

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