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Hi, I'm Thamina! From 9-5 I'm an Account Director at LinkedIn where I help businesses - including Fortune 500 companies - achieve their marketing objectives on the LinkedIn platform. From 5-12, I'm running Femme Hive to empower young ambitious women to become more confident about successfully navigating adulthood.

After graduating cum laude and with distinction from Duke University in 2017, I had trouble establishing a new sense of identity that was not tied to being a student. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and lost (👉 learn more about my experience with post-graduation depression here).

Through lots of proactive self-education, self-reflection, self-care, and the support of so many fantastic peers and mentors, I have been able to overcome my depression and thrive in my career.

Some of my milestones include

  • I won multiple awards at LinkedIn (Results Award, Rockstar Award, Leadership Award, MVP Award)
  • I was appointed the youngest and most junior Women@LinkedIn office lead globally
  • I got promoted twice in less than two years
  • I increased my salary by 60% in under two years
  • I went from being a broke college graduate to a net worth of $45,000 in 18 months, on a 5-figure salary
  • But most importantly: I overcame my depression, established my professional identity, and reclaimed control of my own narrative

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Areas of Expertise

  • Post-graduation depression
  • Gender equality advocacy
  • How to navigate the transition from college to the young professional world
  • How to invest in self-care
  • How to manage your personal finances in your 20s
  • How to set yourself up for success as a young professional
  • How to leverage the power of LinkedIn 
  • How to create a stellar LinkedIn profile

Podcast Testimonials

"Great content that fuels a community addressing topics that matter but don't come up as often as they should."
"I'm so excited for Femme Hive content. It's going to fill a much needed gap. After college you're tossed into the big world with a piece of paper and a good luck, not much guidance on navigating the early part of your career. I'm so glad to see Thamina picking up the torch and helping the next class of working women navigate the space."
"Thamina has done such a thoughtful job of curating content for women that want to learn how to master big and small things about adulting. In love already!!"

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